Do you ever feel like your day is just a repeat of yesterday, last week, or last year? I know I do sometimes! Get up at the same time, deal with the same issues, see the same people, feel the same crappy feeling.
It's time to shake it up sisters (and brothers)! If you have the "Same Crap Different Day" feeling find at least one small thing to change that brings you joy. Buy a great pen to write with, meet a new person for lunch, decide not to be a victim anymore - whatever it is. 
I promise, you'll thank yourself for getting out of the rut. Even if it's just a smidge.

Once you've got that smidge down, do one more small thing. It will add up over time. Pretty soon, you won't want to say "same crap, different day" anymore.

Warning: don't do too much change at once, it won't stick. Take it slow and steady and in the end, you'll be glad you did.