Welcome, fellow entrepreneur! The holidays are fast approaching and you are seriously buried in your work, dying for some time off to spend with family and get some well-deserved rest. You're already aware that you have some evil little minions (anxiety, fear, well meaning friends or colleagues) that could get in the way of your rest and family time

If you continue to let the minions run your life and stay buried here’s what might happen:

You'll burn the midnight oil to keep things going and the holiday season is no exception. In fact, depending on your business the holidays could keep you busier than ever.  You could choose to continue to work at the breakneck pace right through Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, and New Year’s Eve…that would be easy, wouldn’t it? Just keep doing what you’re doing. Keep working through dinner and stay distracted with a list of to-do’s running in the back of your mind. But, wait, what’s the point? That’s not the holiday season you are dying for! This is one of your favorite times of year and it’s become a big drag since you started your business.

Help is here! Your stress less for success coach has a few tips for you to have the Holidays and rest you really crave and to keep those minions at bay:

  • DECIDE that the holidays are important to you (or not important as the case may be)

In order to have anything we really want in life we have to choose it. Think of your life…maybe you have a spouse, kids, a dog, or a college degree and you definitely have a business. No matter what you’ve got there was a moment in time you decided to make it happen. This is no different. In order to have a stress less holiday season you must decide to make it that way. So take a minute and decide. Do you want a stress less holiday season, yes or no? If the answer is no you can just stop here, you know what to do next, the same old same old. On the other hand, if you decided “YES! I want this” then, read on.

To support you in following the steps outlined in this blog I've created a "Minion Defense Plan" that you can use to personalize the tips.  Just click here and it'll be in your inbox before you can say "minion!".

  • The next step in your journey to this great holiday season is to GET CLEAR ON YOUR WHY.

Remember when we were talking about your dog and that you chose him? There was a why behind it. Maybe your kids had been begging you for years to get a dog, this one was hypo-allergenic, and looked at you with big sweet eyes. Those are the why’s behind the decision to get that particular dog.

It’s the same with your decision to have a great holiday season…why do you want that? Maybe you’re looking forward to really enjoying your mom’s pumpkin pie or the sledding down a snowy hillside. Perhaps making cookies with your kids is really important to you or you’re looking forward to putting your feet up in front of the fire and enjoying a hot toddy. So, I’ve given you several of examples and you probably have some ideas of your own. Now, get really clear on what they are in your mind. It’s important because you’re gonna need that clarity in order to stick to your guns.

  • Lastly, you need a PLAN TO STICK TO YOUR GUNS

Your laptop will keep you up way past your bedtime saying “just one more email” or “you can’t let that go” and you’re going to need a compelling reason to log off despite the temptation (there go those minions again!). The strategy you’ll deploy is based on your DECISION and your WHY. Draw on your conviction in your decision. You are a strong and decisive entrepreneur, use that tenacity here. Don’t go back on your decision to enjoy the holidays…it’s only cold cider, frustration, and maybe a little evil laughter on the other side. Come up with a list of all the sneaky saboteurs (those evil minions real and imagined) that could hatch a plot against you and rehearse your defense. That way, you’ll be ready for the midnight cooing of your website and be able to silence it quickly. You might say something like “I could stay up and work but what will that cost me? Maybe it's a little self-respect for not following through and cancelling a cookie baking date with your kids because you just won’t have the patience. No matter the details, PLAN TO STICK TO YOUR GUNS.

Since I know that things usually go much better when we make a plan on paper, I have created a worksheet I call a "Lock It In! sheet" for you to download so you can map all this out. All you have to do is put your name and email address into the form to the right of this post and it will show up in your inbox like magic, lickety split.

The Evil Minion Defense Plan 101 worksheet will help you get super concrete on your DECISION, your WHY, and how you will PLAN TO STICK TO YOUR GUNS. Plus, I’ve included a bonus idea for you in there to boost your success. Click here to get it.

If you’re wondering where part 2 of this formula is - I’ve put it into a webinar. There’s just so much great stuff to share it would not all fit into a blog post.  On the webinar I’ll be explaining specific strategies that you can use to take that time off that pick up where this blog post leaves off.  It’s called “An Entrepreneurs Guide to Taking Time Off During the Holidays (without losing momentum)” and you can register for the webinar here: register. I’ve got some SUPER SPECIFIC strategies you’ll want to implement right away in your business so you stay on track and enjoy the holidays.



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